1. VIP Limo & Sedan Transportation

This taxi company offers Sedan and limousine services for all of its customers all day and all week round. Having been established in the year 2010, VIP Limo and Sedan Transportation aims at providing quality services at reasonable rates at all times of day and night. The company’s business is tailored to the needs of the customers. Based on the reviews from the website of VIP Limo and Sedan transportation, there are various things that work for and against the taxi business in Corona, as follows:


Reasonable Prices

Given that VIP Limo & Sedan Transportation is a taxi business in Corona that provides luxury taxi services, one would shy away from ordering their high-end cars on the assumption that the price may be way out of reach for them. However, the rates provided by the company are quite fair and reasonable.


Time Management

Various users of VIP Limo & Sedan Transportation taxi in Corona have time and again complained about the lateness of drivers.

  1. Happy Taxi

Happy Taxi serves Corona and its environs. The company is located at 1727 Commerce St

Unit A being served by the address Corona, CA 92880. You can contact their office through phone number (951) 781-8294. From the reputation and reviews of users, Happy Taxi has various pros and cons working for and against the company.



Happy Taxi is punctual and may arrive faster than expected in specified areas of Corona such as Riverside and Norco.

Good Drivers

Happy Taxi has awesome drivers who are not only courteous but also polite. However, a majority of users who think Happy Taxi has good drivers in Corona usually refer to specific individuals.


Inadequate Coverage

People that live in specified areas of Corona such as Woodcrest have to wait a while before their Happy Taxi arrive. This wait is longer than that of other taxi companies, but there are loyal customers who would rather wait for their favorite Happy Taxi to attend to them in Corona. However, the online platform of Happy Taxi in Corona has enabled the provision of ETA to customers. As such, Happy Taxi customers are in a position to make informed decisions as they regard waiting time.


Because of inadequate coverage and having to wait around for a Happy Taxi to arrive at your pick-up location in Corona, it becomes unreliable to order them. Users of Happy Taxi in Corona have rated the company poorly when it comes to emergencies and very time-conscious instances.

Rogue Drivers

Happy Taxi drivers in Corona are said to be rogue regarding rudeness and poor customer service. Also, they are in the habit of declining credit cards as a method of payment whereas the sides of Happy Taxis are branded with a slogan stating that they accept credit cards.

In overall, Happy Taxi in Corona does not seem so happy after all.

  1. Cowboy Cabbie

Cowboy Cabbie is a Taxi business in Corona that is out to provide you with the best taxi services. The company keeps on adding more new taxi cabs in their business in a bid to provide comfort and style of your travels. Serving Corona and the surrounding areas, the company is viewed and rated differently by its users, something that provides a basis for the pros and cons of using the taxi company in Corona. Below are some pros and cons of Cowboy Cabbie in Corona:



Cowboy Cabbie has a variety of cars in its fleet ranging from book taxis to luxury vehicles. The variety ensures that different customers get what they need and prefer regarding comfort and class. The variety of cars in the company’s fleet includes wheelchair vans which are specially provided for people with specified physical challenges.

Time Efficient

Cowboy Cabbie is one of taxi businesses in Corona that respond and avail cabs to customers in a time-efficient fashion. Time is surely one of your key elements when it comes to choosing the preferred traveling partner.


Rude Drivers

There are customers who have expressed dissatisfaction with Cowboy Cabbie operating in Corona after having encountered rogue drivers. Some drivers are said to have no etiquette and lack good customer service.


Taxiqueens.com – 57-29 Van Doren street 2nd Floor, Corona, NY, 11368 – (718) 215-0619

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